E-coat: Need a New Finish?


Selection of a proper metal finish can be a complex decision.  Plating meets some needs, powder coating, or liquid paint meet others; what are the other alternatives?  At InfiniTech Surface Finishing, we are constantly evaluating finishing methods and new technologies that might benefit our customers.  As a result of our investigations, we are pleased to now offer Black Electrocoating (E-Coating).


E-Coat is similar to traditional electroplating, applying paint in a tank using electrical current.  The paint is then cured in a standard oven.  Although E-Coat has been available as a finishing technology for over 30 years, recent advances have made E-Coat an attractive option in many applications as an alternative to painting, powder coating and electroplating.



What applications are most suitable for E-Coat?


·        Complex shaped parts and those with deep recesses.   E-Coat allows parts to be completely covered, something that is very difficult with electroplating, powder coating, or electrostatic paint methods.


·        Parts with threads, or close tolerances.  E-Coat is uniform in thickness and can be applied as thinly as 0.0001” (0.1mils), evenly over the entire part.  Therefore, it won’t interfere with subsequent assembly, or use.




·        Parts needing superior corrosion and scratch resistance in a decorative finish.











In addition, the E-Coat application process is environmentally friendly and efficient. 


Like other finishing technologies, E-Coat is not ideal for all applications.The available colors are limited, and the textures and special effects offered by powder coating, or liquid paint, such as high gloss and defect coverage, are not possible.


E-coat coatings are organic (epoxy, polyurethane, or acrylic) and cannot provide the electrical, heat and other properties possible through electroplating metallic coatings.


What about the cost of E-coating?

E-coating costs are very competitive with rack electroplating, powder coating, and liquid spray painting, but is somewhat higher than barrel electroplating.


InfiniTech is currently offering Black Polyurethane E-Coat.  Call us for more information, or send parts for sample coatings, so that you can evaluate the benefits for yourself.